Denver councilman proposes tax increase for parks

DENVER — Imagine a city without a park. It’s not hard, there are lots of them.

But not in Denver. There are over 5,000 acres of traditional parks and parkways for your picnicking pleasure.

Denver City Councilman Jolon Clark says we need more parks.

Denver is increasing population he says is putting the ratio of people to parks perilously low, “as we grow, we cannot just grow and get denser and bring in more people. We also have to build our parks network to serve all those people," said Clark.

But like anything in life, you have to pay to play. Councilman Clark is proposing a .25 percent increase to Denver’s sales tax, which would bring it up to 7.90%. “We should have done this 10 years ago but we didn’t. And we are behind. Now we need to do this so we can continue to build the city all our residents really want," Clark said.

The sales tax would affect not just Denver residents, but anyone who buys just about anything within city limits.

If the proposed increase in sales tax is eventually approved and passed, Denver could expect a $40-$45 million increase the first year that would go to parks and trails.

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