Colorado Rapids vs. FC Dallas | 2017 MLS Highlights

ANNOUNCER 1: A little bit more this. Sjoberg! Oh, it’s off the post.

ANNOUNCER 2: But the ball in by Aigner couldn’t have been any better. Sjoberg just finds a little gap in between a few different players.

ANNOUNCER 1: Aigner finds Gatt. Gordon’s in the middle. Aigner’s carried on his run. Now it’s touched by the German. Is he squeezing in? Yes, it is!

ANNOUNCER 2: The run out of the midfield is so hard to track. Here’s the ball in. The first touch keeps him going in the right direction. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t matter, because he gets the ball on frame and then it sneaks under the arm of Gonzalez. It’s a beautiful goal.

–sitting there at the bottom.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nice work here. Lamah working in space. MacMath gets down to parry.

ANNOUNCER 2: –cuts away from the initial defender. Here he is. He opens up like he’s going to shoot. Ford dives for it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Get your tickets today, Floated in to Gordon. Gordon, with a shot!

ANNOUNCER 2: –the ball in, initially, by Aigner looked short. And here it is. Gordon still manage– manages to get it on frame.

ANNOUNCER 1: Back to Aigner, looking for Gordon. Is he onside? Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful save!

ANNOUNCER 2: This ball in by Aigner again. Him and Gordon have been connecting beautifully. But that save by Jesse Gonzalez shows you why he is so sought after. That is an athletic and acrobatic save.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here comes the corner. Oh, it’s a goal! And it’s Atiba Harris!

ANNOUNCER 2: It’s a good goal bye Harris, but I think there’s a little distraction on the near post– just everything that’s happening that they allow Harris to get even an inch of space is not good enough inside the box.

ANNOUNCER 1: The referee plays advantage. Not on his favored left, and just far too heavy. And I think that’s about it. Whistle in the mouth of the referee, and that’s time at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. It’s not the result that either side really wanted, but 1-1, in what has been an entertaining game.

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