Breakfast, French Cuisine And Modern Chinese Food In Denver CO

Part of the South Platte River Valley, Denver CO is a very interesting city. Located just east of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is full of stuff to do. Whether you like nature, history or just plain having fun, there is something for everyone. There is a restaurant for everyone, too, and let’s see if these three Denver restaurants are up your alley.

This first restaurant is called Syrup, and that means that you are in for a delicious breakfast. Lunch is also served up at Syrup though. Maybe you are running around in between breakfast and lunch and want to just call it brunch. The pancakes, French toast, corned beef and breakfast sandwiches are just some of the menu highlights served up there. How does Cherry Creek Eggs Benedict sound? Syrup is located at 300 Josephine Street.

La Merise is where you can enjoy French cuisine. This restaurant is located at 2700 East 3rd Avenue, and it features an eclectic menu. Some of what’s served up there includes escargot, lamb chops, trout and Rubens. Do you like Rubens? I used to not be a big fan of them, but I like them now. La Merise is said to be a warm and cozy restaurant, and it looks quite elegant, too.

Hop Alley is located at 3500 Larimer Street, and get ready for modern Chinese cuisine when you eat there. You have heard of Peking Duck, but have you heard of Beijing Duck? Soft shell crab, pickled vegetables and duck rolls are some other items that are on the menu at Hop Alley. Just a heads up, this restaurant is really getting popular. As you are driving around Denver, you know where to get modern Chinese food, French cuisine and breakfast, and that sounds like a well-rounded list of three restaurants.

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